Where: Sukha Yoga – 2324 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Booked through: ClassPass

Sukha Yoga Austin

Give me the low down. Sukha is a quaint and quirky studio on the far end of S. Lamar that offers some pretty bada** yoga classes. Not only that, they entice you to hang out and get to know the gang by providing a lounge area where you can make hot tea and chat with friends on the couches.

The class itself is called “Sukha Flow”, which is Sukha’s style of vinyasa that is set to music and welcome to all levels of yogi’s. Flow focuses on strength and transitions to your breath while setting intentions and ultimately being fully present in each class. Leaving class, you’ll feel rejuvenated and at ease with yourself.

Next up, instructor talk. Her name is Joy and she was an absolute joy to be around. Cheesy? Yes, but you’ll understand once you take her class. She has such a down to earth energy about her that is so goofy and adorable that made everyone feel super comfortable and overall just made for a fun class.

What other classes do they offer? 
Deepen + Flow – A slower paced traditional flow to deepen your yoga practice
Lotus Flow – Best described as a “soulful yoga style”
Sukha Flow 2/3 – This is their most fluid practice that includes inversions. *Note that this is not a class for beginners.*
Sukha Glow – A mixture of Vinyasa and Yin style yoga surrounded by candle light. This class is a warming flow that finishes with cooling restorative poses.
Sukha Power – Gently heated to 85 degrees F, this class is filled with sun salutations, twists, core work, sweat, and of course… great yogi vibes.
Sukha Slow Flow – Slow but challenging, this class is similar to the Sukha Flow class but the poses are held for longer periods of time and more attention to detail.
Surrender Yin + Restorative – A slow flow practice with postures held between 2 and 10 minutes to flush the body and massage the connective tissues in the body.
Flight Series: Arm Balance – Includes practicing and perfecting poses like Crow, Side Crow, Eka Pada Koundinyasana I & II, Flying Pigeon, and Flying Lizard

What sets them apart from the rest? I’ve had yet to go to a yoga studio as inviting as Sukha was. Not only was it a super cozy place I could just hang out, but the class itself felt the most authentic to “real yoga”. So, by real yoga, I mean that when I go to a yoga class, I expect there to be a message associated with the practice and flows/poses that are new and challenging each time. Sukha provided me with that and I would go back in a heartbeat.

More about pricing, events, workshops, etc. on their site – www.sukhayogaaustin.com