Athletic Outcomes Recovery Lounge

Athletic Outcomes

Doesn’t get any better than this. Athletic Outcomes opened its doors a little over a month ago on the East side of Austin.  The owners are married and moved down here from Chicago to open up their own business and spread their passion and knowledge of fitness to the Austin Community!       They […]

Train 4 the Game – 3D Groove

Whether you’re recovering from a surgery, or injury; wanting to obtain certain fitness goals; or you are a professional athlete, Train 4 the Game (T4TG) is the place to be.  Based out of Westlake, they offer all sorts of classes that pertain to everyone.  They educate people on how to live, feel, and play better!  The […]

Blue Honey Yoga – Tabata

Blue Honey Yoga

We’re at Blue Honey Yoga + Fitness again talking about the amazing Tabata class!  I wrote about this class a while back so if you want more details on the studio and the first workout I did with them you can check it out here.  The idea of Tabata is to maximize fat burn while […]

Blue Honey Yoga Fitness

Blue Honey Yoga

(CLOSED) Over the past couple months, Blue Honey Yoga Fitness  (located on West 6th street) has been transitioning from just holding yoga classes to becoming a fitness studio as well!  The facility itself is one room with a wall of mirrors, barre, and exercise equipment. Today, I attended a Tabata class at the studio.  Tabata […]

City Surf Fitness Austin

City Surf

City Surf Fitness Austin City Surf Fitness Austin Studio is located on South Lamar.  They opened their doors in January 2015 and have been taking over the fitness game ever since. It’s a new style of workout that incorporates a surfboard suspended on 3 bosu balls that is specially crafted to give the concrete surfer […]