Doesn’t get any better than this.

Athletic Outcomes opened its doors a little over a month ago on the East side of Austin.  The owners are married and moved down here from Chicago to open up their own business and spread their passion and knowledge of fitness to the Austin Community!



Athletic Outcomes Exterior


They offer a variety of classes/sessions that include AO Fit, BYOB (bring your own bike), AO Run Smart, Sport Therapy, and their Recovery Lounge.  Their goal is to help you achieve your goals and keep you healthy while doing it.


Athletic Outcomes Entrance


In the Recovery Lounge, you pretty much reserve your session for 1 hour and choose between dipping into the Cold Tub or lying down and using their recovery boots.  These boots (along with others like it) are some one of my favorite ways to recovery after a long/hard workout or if I’m just extremely sore.  It’s like having your legs massaged for a straight hour and theres nothing like it.


Athletic Outcomes


During the session they have complimentary water, tea, or coffee that you can sip on if using the boots as well as a blanket for when it gets cold and a TV to keep you entertained!  Seriously the best thing ever. I watched The Food Network and answered emails while lying down.  Does it get any better than that? Afterwards I felt completely rejuvenated and ready to take on my next workout!


Athletic Outcomes Recovery Lounge


Something the owners stress on their website is how important it is to balance working out and recovery.  Without proper techniques and taking care of your body, you can get worn down pretty easily and maybe end up hurting yourself.  And that could put you out of the training game for some time.

My next mission is to take on one of their AO Fit or BYOB classes!  The facility is unlike anywhere else I’ve been to in Austin and I couldn’t be happier that they made their way down here.

When you go, tell them Spinsyddy sent you and let me know what you thought @spinsyddy

— Sydney Torabi

Athletic Outcomes

atletic outcomes


Fitness & Instruction, Chiropractors, Nutritionist

  • Where: Athletic Outcomes
  • What: Recovery Lounge
  • Wear: Athletic clothes.  If using the cold tub, bring a change of pants/shirt because well… You’re submerging half your body in water.  If using the recovery boots, wear anything you feel comfortable in.
  •  What to Bring: A change of clothes (if cold tubbing or doing a workout before hand)

“Spinsyddy reviews Athletic Outcomes –  Classes include AO Fit, BYOB (bring your own bike), AO Run Smart, Sport Therapy, and their Recovery Lounge. Afterwards I felt completely rejuvenated and ready to take on my next workout!”

Cost: FIRST CLASS IS FREE!  Pricing also depends on what you want to sign up for, whether it be Health Coaching, Sports Therapy, Performance Classes, or the Recovery Lounge.  You can find all of the pricing on their website that I linked above.

About: Athletic Outcomes helps to enhance performance and recovery so that you can achieve your goals and keep a healthy mindset while doing it.

Extras: They offer free coffee and tea while you wait in the Recovery Lounge.  Also offer a BYOB section where you can book an hour and practice road training when it gets muggy, cold, hot, etc. outside