Train 4 the Game spinsyddyWhether you’re recovering from a surgery, or injury; wanting to obtain certain fitness goals; or you are a professional athlete, Train 4 the Game (T4TG) is the place to be.  Based out of Westlake, they offer all sorts of classes that pertain to everyone.  They educate people on how to live, feel, and play better!  The science behind the madness is fascinating and also refreshing.  There aren’t many fitness studios that take the time to research and build a program off of workouts designed to keep your body from getting injured.

Train 4 the Game Austin

I have had a pretty busy couple of weeks dealing with school, personal life, and working out, so I hopped onto ClassPass to see what I could take to help my body recover a bit.  But instead of a restorative yoga class, I came across the 3D Groove class offered at T4TG.  What is it?  A class that starts with restorative motions such as foam rolling, stretching, and bands, followed by a mixture of strength and cardio.  This gave my body a chance to settle down while still breaking a sweat to keep me on a regimen.  It was a totally different experience than I’m used to in my workout classes because I like to sweat, I like to be sore, and I like to push myself!  So it was refreshing to be able to go to a class that didn’t leave me (completely) drenched in sweat and sore the next day!

For me, it’s important to work recovery into my schedule.  Whether it’s taking a day off, going for a walk, foam rolling, or taking a lighter intensity class, I know my body needs it!  Even though it can be hard to not go 110% every time I’m at a class, it’s necessary for my body to have some down time and be able to recover so that I can hit it even harder at my next class!  Taking it easy also allows your body to stay injury free!  If you end up going to a class and are tired or weak, you could end up hurting yourself more by making a silly mistake using weights or twisting an ankle (which I’ve done).

Train for the Game

Overall, I really loved going to T4TG, for multiple reasons!  One, I was a competitive swimmer for most of my life and I grew up with the athletic background and being around other athletes and a group like this was an awesome feeling!  Two, the facility is huge and they have all sorts of equipment to enhance the training and meet everyone’s individual goals! And three, the trainers, front desk workers, and interns were all so nice and helpful!

They offer many different kinds of workouts including Cycling, Personal Training, Core, Total Body, etc.  And you can read about every single one on their website here!  Definitely try out any one of their classes. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Train 4 the Game –

Southwest: 3201 Bee Cave Road #121, Austin, TX 78746

Cost: Varies depending on age, group size, and number of classes! Details hereClassPass and StudioHop Accepted!

About: Their coaches and trainers have an ultimate goal to facilitate the transformation of where a person is to where they want to be. T4TG is an elite sports performance and overall fitness facility. Train 4 The Game is not just for athletes! Their main clientele are people looking to work towards their fitness and health goals!

Tips: It can be a little tricky getting there because it is located behind some buildings that Google/Apple maps don’t recognize so just make sure to call and have them explain to you how to get there if you need help!  It’s located on the back side of West Woods shopping center, with easy access from Old Walsh Tarlton Rd.