Blue Honey Runners Club
Trainer Lena & I being adorably fit!

Instead of meeting at the usual Blue Honey Yoga Studio on W. 6th street, the Runner’s Club class met at the Austin High School Track.  Depending on what the instructor chooses that day, we either do a more endurance run around Town Lake or sprint intervals on the track.  Today, she just so happened to stick to sprint workouts, which made for some friendly competition among the other members there.

IMG_7119The workout started with warmup exercises such as grapevines, butt kicks, and high knees followed by a half mile jog around the track.

Our interval workout looked like this:

We did each round 3 times for a total of 6 times around the track!  It might not sound like much to the avid runner/marathoner but sprinting at 85-100% of your max effort can get tiring very quickly. And trust me, it was challenging. But we weren’t done yet!

The next part of our workout we completed body weight exercises, which looked a little something like this:

We completed this circuit a total of 2 times. So much sweaty fun!

Blue Honey Yoga - Austin Texas
Side Shuffle

The third portion of the workout was a quick ab series that consisted of 20 reps of each for 2 rounds:

Finally, we cooled down with a yoga session that incorporated movements to stretch out the main muscle groups we used such as our hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and hip flexors.

The instructor, Lena, was so sweet and charismatic.  She was very passionate about running, yoga, and fitness in general and it was awesome getting to know her!  I would absolutely plan on attending another Runner’s Club session, it was a fantastic way to get my morning started and I got to meet some really nice people.

Unfortunately, Lena is going to INDIA for a few weeks (so cool) so she will not be holding the workouts until she gets back.  But by August, she will be back and ready to go!  So y’all keep that in mind when scheduling your next workout!

Blue Honey Yoga

Downtown: 1211 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703

COST: $15 session;  ClassPass Accepted!

ABOUT: Blue Honey Yoga exists and thrives on our community and you uniting together, to feed each other strength, harmony, love and balance.

TIP: Yoga Studio with a Boot Camp?  Try out the Blue Surge Camp for a nice supplement to your weekly poses. $1/mat rental.