City Surf Fitness Beach Body BootCamp AustinHello everyone!  As you may know by now, I love going to City Surf Fitness!  I’ve been going to their classes for a few months now and realized that I had never been able to try their Beach Body Bootcamp workout!  Sad, I know, but they now offer the class in the mornings!  6am may be an extremely early morning to some (sometimes myself included) but it’s the only time I am able to workout with school and everything else going on in life.  Plus, by the time I finish my day at school up I am POOPED and never feel like working out.

Anyways, back to this incredible class, I am so glad I finally got to go!  Beach Body Bootcamp differs from the rest of the City Surf classes in the fact that it is there to kick your butt.  If you want a beach body, you have to work for it!  The class rundown is a bit like their circuits class, because you are doing the exercises for 15 seconds to 60 seconds at a time with little rest in between.  What sets it apart from the circuits class though is that the breaks are much shorter (5 seconds in today’s class) and we incorporated small hand weights and a resistance band.

So, I honestly which I could give y’all every detail on the exercises we did today but we did so many that I couldn’t even remember half of them… I’m sorry!  BUT I will give you the intervals we used and a few of the moves we incorporated (that I do remember).  We started with alternating between a cardio blast that was consistent for the whole round, and resistance or plyometric moves.

For example:

We did this whole cycle another time through and then moved onto a more arm focused round.  The arm portion still incorporated leg movements in order to keep our heart rates elevated as well as resistance band work!  We did things like bicep curls, triceps push-backs, and lat/shoulder presses across the body.  Let me tell you, I was feeling the BURN! My arms felt like they were going to fall off and yes that IS a good thing.

We finished up with a quick ab circuit that was performed mostly on the board.

Ab Round:

There are probably a few exercises I’m missing from the list, and I do apologize for not being more aware this morning, but in my defense it was pretty early and we did so many different exercises it was hard to keep track!

If you want the full experience you obviously have to just go check it out yourself!  It was one of the harder classes that I have been too at City Surf and I absolutely loved it!  I love to sweat, and feel like I really got in a great workout.  And I always do with them 🙂

More details about the studio set up itself and the other classes they offer here!  I look forward to seeing y’all at the next class!

City Surf Fitness –
South: 1500 S Lamar Blvd Ste. 130, Austin, TX 78704Cost: 1 class $22; offer monthly/class package deals; ClassPass and StudioHop Accepted!

Tip: If your nervous about attending one of these classes don’t be!  Yes you might fall off the board a few times or sweat more than usual, but they are so much fun and an amazing workout! Every exercise given to you can be modified to your specific needs!