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Clockwork Body is a neighborhood gym that attends to all levels of fitness in the community.  Located off 41st street and Lamar, it is within walking distance of places like Central Market, The Triangle, and My Fit Foods!  They offer classes that focus on different areas of the body every day.  But don’t be fooled, just because a day is arm based, doesn’t mean you’re only going to be doing push-ups for an hour.  Each class is a full body workout that incorporates strength, cardio, and overall movement.

Clockwork Body Austin

I chose to go to the Clockwork Body Core Workout because my abs are one of the hardest things for me to get sore and get in shape.  It was a dark and early morning at Clockwork Body when I was greeted by one of the head trainers and accompanied by 3 other guys.  All of which were very friendly and talkative seeing as it was 6am!

The workout was more than just crunches or planks, it was a full body workout.  Almost all the movements were full body but focused mainly on core to ensure we got the full fat burning capacity.  We did things like Turkish Get-ups, sled pushes, push-up variations, scissor kicks, kettle bell swings, and more that I can’t even think of.

We did about 5 rounds in total but all consisted of different moves that focused on different aspects of our bodies and type of workout.  Such as arms and cardio, strength and abs, static holds, body weight exercises, and finished with some stretching!

Clockwork Body

Overall it was a really great workout and I enjoyed being able to get to know the trainer as well as using different workout equipment I’ve never had the chance to use!  Like, I’ve always heard about people pushing sleds but never really thought much of it, but once I actually did it myself… Oh boy did that thing kick my butt!  It was strength and cardio all wrapped up into a lovely little gift and I enjoyed every minute of it!

If you’re looking for a community gym with a easy-going environment then you’ll love Clockwork Body!  Fun Fact, I found out from talking with the trainer afterwards that most of the people they train (as well as the instructors) are a part of an ultimate frisbee team!  Turns out they are pretty badass and made it to nationals and what not.  So if you’re also interested in that aspect then FOR SURE go to this gym and get to know them!

About: Clockwork Body is a community gym that is designed for all types of workouts and individuals looking not only to better their bodies physically but to push them in an athletic way.  They feature a weekly bootcamps a various times to fit your schedule.  (All fitness levels and athletes.) They have all types of equipment like monkey bars and a parallette bars used in gymnastics.

Tip: They have hand towels you can use for your sweaty selves (for free) so just bring a water bottle and you’re set!  Reserve a time for your friends and family to train together and see how much more fun you’l have while getting in the best shape of your life.