Cyc Fitness Austin SpinsyddyFINALLY, I got the chance (and time) to try out Cyc Fitness!  (CLOSED IN AUSTIN 2017) Located in West Campus, it is right in the hub of campus living and offers classes morning, midday, and night to accommodate anyone’s schedule.  Cyc, if you didn’t already know, is a cycling studio that offers a rhythm based ride.  This means that your pedal stroke is indicated by the music, and you in turn ride to the beat.

Cyc Fitness

I know I’ve mentioned it countless times, but I’ll say it again… I love cycling!  Especially when I get a chance to cycle with some amazing instructors who know how to kick my butt and keep it super fun and energetic.  It’s always a buzz kill when you go to a class and they either have sub par music or the workout wasn’t as good as you expected.  But I can honestly say, that out of the three classes I attended during this Labor Day weekend, I wasn’t disappointed once!  Every instructor was kind, fun, upbeat, and gave a fantastic workout.  Although each instructor had their own twist on either music, technique, or attitude, they all were super challenging workouts that ended with me absolutely drenched in sweat.

Cyc often offers themed rides, meaning the class music is based on a certain genre, artist or holiday.  For example, last Friday was Queen Bey’s Birthday and what better way to kickstart it than with a Beyoncé themed ride?!  It was led by two fabulous instructors that switched off between one another and worked together to create, pretty much, a dance party atmosphere.  They threw in some throwbacks by the artist as well as more recent songs and highly encouraged sassy dancing whenever possible.  They even do “Throwback Thursday” and Christmas themed rides, just to name a few.

Cyc Fitness Austin

This past weekend, they offered free workouts to UT students!  I took full advantage of that and was so glad I did.  I met some really awesome people and got in really awesome workouts!  What more could you want from a studio?

Although the freebies have come to a close, I think I will be investing in at least a few more classes because it’s hard to stay away once you’re addicted!  They do, however, have special events pop up every now and then, so I’ll be sure to fill y’all in on my Instagram next time they do!

If you have never been to a rhythm based cycle class, don’t worry about it! Although they are difficult, you do what you can and each time you go, your body gets stronger and you get the hang of it more and more.  So grab a friend and get riding!

Cyc Fitness

Location: 715 W 23rd St, Austin, TX 78705; They also have locations in Atlanta, Boston, Madison, and New York!

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About: Cyc Fitness is a Cycling studio that offers a full body workout while riding to the beat of the music.

Tip: You don’t have to have the best rhythm in order to do well and have a great class!  The classes are fun, upbeat and challenging so come prepared to sweat with a full water bottle and a good attitude.