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Define Body & Mind was located on W. 35th street right off of Mopac (now closed), but they have opened another studio location down on S. Lamar.  They offer barre, yoga, hammock, and spin classes with times all throughout the day to help you fit in a good sweat around your busy lifestyle.

Define Body & Mind Studio Austin

Their spin classes are called “Revolution,” and for good reason. They are REVOLUTIONARY! Each class inspires you to push past any limits you set on yourself.  You drop all outside worries as soon as you walk in the door and give it all you have for that 45 minutes.  Every time I go, I expect to get a great sweat.  There is no such thing as “I can’t” at their studio.  Define wants to change the way people think about exercise and nutrition and really make it a part of your daily lifestyle as opposed to a burden or chore.  The instructors make it fun and inviting for everyone, no matter what fitness level you’re at.

The class I took, Revolution, was their spin class that consisted of a warmup mostly out of the saddle, followed by a mixture of tap-backs, hill climbs, sprints, isolations, and arm work.  What’s so different about their studio is that on each bike is a small barre ball that sits between the handlebars.  This gives you the opportunity to work on stabilizer muscles in your arms and core while performing pushups or oblique crunches.  This class is a full body workout that focuses mostly on sprinting, but with some “road” beneath your feet so you never feel out of control and are always working your muscles to their full capacity.

Define Studio Austin
Define offers rental shoes for $3, so if you are going to be attending these classes often, or cycle often in general, I would just invest in a pair of your own.  Because by the time you pay for a few weeks worth of shoes, you could have bought your own pair for the same price. And they sell great brands for great deals at cycle shoes around Austin, so just keep your eyes peeled.  I will be posting an article about where to buy the best cycle shoes at a discounted price in the near future!

The studio is so adorable; it’s a small house with a boutique feel.  Everything is just so crisp, clean, and consistent.  I love going into a studio and seeing how eclectic and stylish it is.  It makes me feel like they really care about your first impression when you walk into the studio, and it also gives you an idea on the type of workout your about to go in to (at least in my opinion).

If you guys haven’t tried Define yet, then you absolutely NEED TOO! It’s not an option to not check this place out.  It’s a great atmosphere with even greater classes.  Trust me, you will not leave here without feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and of course defined.

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Define Body & Mind 

North: 809 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

COST: $20 class; more pricing coming soon; ClassPass Accepted!

ABOUT: DEFINE body & mind’s mission is educating people on how to be their absolute best. They believe that physical strength, balance and length impact both states of mind and being.

TIP: The DEFINE method incorporates resistance and strength and resistance  for your entire body. If you are looking to build long, lean and tone muscles,  classes can help you replace the need for weights.

NOTE: The photos and review was from the location at 35th Street now closed.

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