HEAT Bootcamp – Legs, Butt, Core

Things got heated over at Heat Bootcamp on South Lamar.  They offer group classes that focus on Legs/Core, Arms/Back, Full Body Conditioning, or Tabata depending on the day and time you sign up.  But they also offer personal training, if you’re wanting a more one-on-one approach.

Heat Weight Area

Heat Bootcamp Austin TexasThe studio itself is pretty much one giant room filled with all kinds of “toys” for you to get whipped into shape.  With copious amount of hand weights ranging from 5lbs to 100lbs, they also have things like bosu balls, TRX bands, barbells, kettle bells, and plyoboxes.  The classes are dependent on the instructor you choose; so although they revolve around the same basis of legs/arms/conditioning/etc., the classes will vary from instructor to instructor because they all have their own style of training.  That being said, each instructor is fully equipped to give you an awesome workout.  So don’t think of it as someone being better than the other, it’s simply just a different style of teaching.

I took a class that focused on Legs, Butt, and Core because I mean, plain and simple, that’s what I wanted to work on!  So I got myself together early this morning, ready to take on the challenge.  The space, although pretty hardcore, is still inviting and everyone is there to work.  It was a 6am class and there were still a little over 20 people that showed up (now thats some dedication).  The trainer wasted no time getting us going.  We started out with a quick warmup to get our muscles going as well as to prevent injury that consisted of squats, lunges, hip movements, and jumping jacks.

Once complete, we split up into 2 groups.  Group 1 was more movement/cardio based and looked a little something like this:

So as you can see, Group 1’s exercises were dependent on Group 2’s side which was more rep based.

Group 2 looked like this:

And you repeated that 4 rounds, each round decreasing your reps but increasing your weights used.

FINALLY, to finish the entire workout, we did a 4 minute circuit of quick leg movements back to back with no break in-between, to really get our quads and booty burning. This was followed by a 3 minute ab circuit that was also straight through with no breaks. Holy Cow was I feelin’ it by this point!

It sounds like a lot… and you’re right it was.  I got in a great workout!  I don’t usually tend to focus on “leg” days but although they were the main focus we still had added cardio as well as core work.  The class itself was a lot of fun and it was a friendly, competitive atmosphere which really pushed me to do my best.

I’m excited to try another one of their classes, maybe Full Body Conditioning or Tabata (I’m really into Tabata now).  Whether you’re young, old, new to the workout game, or a competitive athlete, Heat Bootcamp will help you to become the best form of yourself!  They are there to encourage and guide you through the workout so you never feel lost.

Heat Bootcamp - Dr. Maria Luque
Trainer Dr. Maria Luque & I after class
HEAT BootCamp – heatbootcamp.com

South: 2210 S 1st St, Suite A, Austin, TX 78704

COST: $20 session; more pricingClassPass Accepted.


ABOUT: At HEAT (High Energy Athletic Training) Bootcamp, they believe high intensity group training is the future of fitness. They pride themselves on intensity and  innovation in a safe and un-intimidating environment.

TIP: The trainers will make you sweat, but they won’t make you hurt! They pride themselves on being safe and supportive, instead of demanding and loud.  Be prepared to work hard! The Tabata workouts are not for the faint hearted.