KOR 180 CyclingKor180 is a fitness studio located on W. 5th street that offers Cycling and Reformer classes.  The class I took this very early morning was called Ryde 45.  It is a spin class that is 45 minutes in length and focuses more on resistance than speed.

IMG_7186The studio itself is very quaint.  It consists of a front lobby with a small amount of workout clothes as well as a refrigerator filled with juices and water, all for purchase.  Down the hall are a few rooms that have restrooms and showers that offer amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.  They also offer free locker space (lock included) for your convenience.  When you go in for your first class, the first cycle shoe rental fee is waived but costs $3.25 each time after.

IMG_7176Alright, now on to the actual Ryde 45 class!  Their philosophy is very different than that of Ride or Cyc, being that Kor180 focuses more on resistance and climbs than speed.  To me, I find both types of workouts beneficial because they work completely different muscle groups and keep my body guessing.  For instance, focusing on more resistance is great for building strong, lean muscles as well as power! Just because you add more resistance does NOT mean that your legs will bulk up. So if you are scared of that happening, don’t be, because it’s not true. With this type of workout you are still getting in a fantastic cardio workout while also building lean muscles to push you through that hill climb and get those legs looking TONED!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the studio and class itself.  The class was at 5:45am and it was completely full! I mean, what?!  The fact that they filled a class that early in the morning should tell you that it’s worth it.

Shimano Cycle Shoe - Kor180 - spinsyddy
Shimano Cycle Shoe Rental w/ SPD clips

Y’all should go give it a try if you’re looking to get a great sweat in and build those toned legs.  Ryde45 is no joke. And if you’re not feeling up to a full 45 minute ride, or don’t have time, they also offer a 30 minute ride!  Still just as challenging, but cut a little shorter.

I plan on heading back (maybe to an afternoon class) very soon, seeing that I can already feel it in my legs and I love it.  Add this one to your list!

Important: To avoid frustrations, I had just a little bit of trouble finding the studio because the front door is not right on 5th street like you would expect.  It is located in the retail parking garage that is on the other side of 5th.  What I mean by this is that when you are approaching Campbell St from Mopac, you take a right onto that road as opposed to going straight. Once you take a right, you are turing into pretty much a parking area, but where you need to go is the RETAIL parking garage which is on the left as soon as you take that turn.  And once in the RETAIL parking garage, the studio entrances are on your left.  And hey! If you go to a class on a Thursday evening, you can go to El Arroyo afterwards right across the street and grab a $1 margarita (or 2 or 3). You earned it!

Kor180: kor180.com

Downtown: 1611 W 5th St, Suite 140, Austin, TX 78703

COST: $20 Ride; $30 Reform; ClassPass Accepted!


ABOUT: Kor180 is an interval training studio with two disciplines: Cycling + Pilates

TIP: Kor180 takes the foundational principles of Pilates and adds high intensity intervals.  Be prepared to sweat, lengthen your muscles and shred your waistline.