IMG_7196Taking it to the BARRE for Thursday Happy Hour!

MOD Fitness has two locations, one on Burnet Rd. and the other on South Lamar (the original).  They offer 3 types of classes; MOD Barre, MOD Barre 50, and MOD Burn.  The first two vary only slightly in the fact that MOD Barre is an hour long while MOD Barre 50 is 50 minutes, which allows those of us who are on a tight schedule to get in a quick workout and get on with our day feeling energized and refreshed.

I have been to MOD Fitness before but have never tried their Burn class, which was recommended to me by multiple people.  MOD Burn is essentially a barre class that incorporates cardio movements in-between exercises to keep your heart rate up, that in turn burns more calories and fat! Barre classes are a great way to strengthen your muscles without building bulk, since you use your body weight for almost all of the exercises.

This class was upbeat, fun, and challenging!  We did a multitude of different movements that focused on thighs, calves, arms, balance, back, and of course your core!  It’s a total body workout and I can already feel it (especially in my thighs).

IMG_7189If you are someone who does a lot of cardio, its always good to add in strength training to your regimen as well.  The combination of both types of workouts helps to keep you looking strong and fit, as opposed to just skinny.  The movements in barre are focused on being small and precise.  For me, these classes are even more challenging than a 45 minute cycle class or distance run.  Growing up being a competitive swimmer we kept our focus on weights, and of course practices full of cardio.  So the fact that these workouts are based on controlled movements and pulses shows that barre is extremely challenging.  By incorporating barre workouts into my weekly routine, I have seen a difference in the way I perform during a cardio based workout and I love it!  But you’ll just have to start taking these classes and see the change for yourself! Do it, I dare you.

Mod Fitness

MOD is such a great studio with instructors that are always kind and encouraging!  They really care about you and your experience, and it shows.  Whenever I go there, I know I’m about to get a great workout.  I think thats important because they keep it consistent and they really don’t have a “bad” instructor.

I highly recommend MOD to anyone looking to add strength and balance to their workouts.  They are most certainly challenging and leave you feeling sore, which means strength, which means change.



Mod Fitness –

North: 4406 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

COST: $20 class; more pricingClassPass Accepted


ABOUT: MOD Fitness incorporates an athletic approach to barre-based workouts. The classes combine resistance training, cardio, innovative strength and stretching exercises to sculpt your body. Expect a better posture, long, lean physique and increased flexibility.

TIP: Try MOD Burn, for the cardio addict, a 45-minute amped-up version of their signature class infused with cardio bursts designed to  detoxify the body and boost the heart rate. You’ll leave class feeling rejuvenated, strong and accomplished. There is limited parking in the back of the studio. Street parking is available around Ramsey Park on Rosedale Ave and Burnet Rd (1 block from the studio).