Pure Bikram Yoga spinsyddyMy early Sunday morning started with a Bikram Yoga class at none other than Pure Bikram Yoga studio.  They have locations all over Austin including south, north, Cedar Park, and downtown.  In a room heated to 105F degrees , you’re guaranteed to sweat.

Pure bikram Yoga Austin

I’m no yogi or Bikram expert, so this is just my personal opinion on the workout and how it helps me.  For starters, the high heat of the room helps to detox my body after a long week of either strenuous exercise, eating or drinking poorly, or even just to get that extra sweat in to prep me for the rest of my week.  I enjoy doing this workout on a Sunday morning because it’s a little easier on my body, to stretch and rejuvenate, as opposed to making my muscles sore and fatigued.  Although I consider it an “easier” workout, it’s  not easy by any means.

Some may think it’s just another yoga class, but I’m here to tell you that it’s no joke.  The class is physically challenging because you are pushing your body to stretch in ways you didn’t think were even possible.  Bikram is extremely mentally challenging, as well, because it takes patience and control to be able to push yourself and to actually stay with the class the entire time.  The first time I went to one of these classes I was with 2 of my best friends who swim and dive for the UT team.  We had gone out the night before to classic dirty 6th and thought, “hmm this 8am Bikram will be a good way to detox after a night of partying!”  Boy were we off, although we made it through the class, it was definitely a struggle.  A few hours later we felt good about it and it did in fact detox us, but it took a while to recover and we pounded down water like we had been in the desert for weeks!  My advice to you is to not go hung over, but also go in prepared to be challenged, meaning having the right mind-set.  You will be challenged and you will feel great after completing the class because it’s not something many of us do on a day-to-day basis.

Bikram Yoga Austin

What to bring to your class?  A yoga mat, towel, BIG water bottle, and an open mind.  If it’s your first time, your yoga mat rental fee will be waived and they have towels for y’all to use with no charge each time, which is so great because sometimes I do forget my towel and it sucks to have to pay for one.  Also, you honestly want to wear as little clothing as possible because it gets HOT and you don’t need t-shirts and pants weighing you down.  I usually go for a sports bra and either hot shorts or cropped tights.

Going in, there are people of all different sizes, ages, and flexibility levels so don’t worry about not “fitting in.”  The instructors make you feel so comfortable and everyone is there for their own practice.

Namastay sweaty my friends.

If you have every taken a Bikram class, I would love to hear your feedback on it and your thoughts!  There is some controversy out there if Bikram is as good for you as people say but in the end, I think that any workout is good in moderation and just being aware of your body and knowing when to stop.

Pure Bikram Studio – austin.definebody.com
Cedar Park: 1335 E Whitestone Boulevard #185, Cedar Park, TX 78613
Downtown Austin: 507 Pressler St #100, Austin, TX  78703
North Austin: 2525 W Anderson Lane #320, Austin, TX 78757
South Austin: 4301 W William Cannon Drive #108, Austin, TX 78749COST: $20 class; more pricingClassPass Accepted!Groupon Special: “One Week: $29/unlimited classes for 1 or $45/unlimited classed for 2)


ABOUT: Pure Bikram Yoga students take plenty of dedication just to stay in the 105-degree studio for 90 minutes at a time, which is what many of Pure Bikram Yoga’s students do multiple times a week. Mardy. Students of all fitness levels can achieve improved athletic performance, leaner physiques and greater mental clarity.

TIP: The signature Bikram sequence of 26 postures help students improve flexibility and  develop strength.  Bring a mat and towel, or they will be available for rent at the studio.