Resolute Fitness Cycles(NOW CLOSED) Today I take you to Resolute Fitness in Steiner Ranch, located in the Austin Hill Country.

Resolute Fitness is a studio that offers both Cycling and Yoga classes throughout the day to give you multiple opportunities to accommodate a busy lifestyle.


The class I went to was called “CycleCore,” and frankly the name says it all.  It started with a 20 minute ab session on the mat and ended with a 40 minute hardcore cycling class!  If you do not own your own cycling shoes, no problem, they rent SPD cycles shoes for $3 or if you check in on Facebook they waive the rental fee!  They have showers along with shampoo/conditioner and towels for your convenience, and complimentary lockers that you can use (locks included).

As for the class itself, the ab session consisted of different variations of planks to  engage your core and balance.  From the classic plank on your forearms to mountain climbers and high/lows (when you go from your forearms to your hands over and over again in plank position).  What planks do is allows the body to work not just your “ab muscles” but your CORE!  People tend to forget that balance and abs come from within.  Most ab exercises, like crunches, only target the surface while planks work the muscles around your spine deep beneath the upper layer.  Not only does working those muscles draw in your tummy but they help to lengthen and balance your entire body to prevent injury.

Resolute Fitness by spinsyddy

The second part of the class consisted of 40 minutes of cycling.  But this wasn’t just any regular class.  It was full of steep climbs, interval sprints, push ups, and even more core work! Needless to say it was intense and by the time it was over I was drenched in sweat.

For being the day after the 4th of July at 9:30am I would say that I (and the rest of the crazy people that also attended) did a pretty dang good job.  The instructor was so vibrant and kept the class fun, motivating, and upbeat.  Her music kept the class energetic and made me feel like I wanted to keep going no matter how bad it hurt at times.

I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone, but especially to those located in and around the Steiner Ranch area because it is a drive for those of you located in Downtown or South Austin.

Fitness Bath and Shower Area


Resolute Fitness Cyclecore Cycle Shoes

Resolute Fitness (NOW CLOSED)
Northwest: 5145 N FM 620, Suite F-120, Austin, TX 78732


ABOUT: Resolute Fitness is a cycling and yoga and studio with locations in Austin and Houston. Try their total-body, high-energy cycling class, then balance yourself with an invigorating yoga practice with a focus on core work!

TIP:  Mats provided and shoe rentals/$3; Water bottles/$2.