Where: Sky Candy Austin located off East 7th

What: Intro to Aerial Skills (Trapeze, Silks, Lyra, Hammock)

What to Wear: Fitted clothing like crops/leggings as well as a tank or shirt that doesn’t fall when you bend over

What to Bring: Water bottle

Instructor/specializes in: Chelsea Laumen/ Silks, Lyra, Flexibility

Extras: They have cubbies to put your things in but no locks, they are located in the same room where the classes are held so you won’t have to worry about missing items.

Sky Candy Austin TX

Sky Candy was voted one of Austin’s “Best Circus Arts Revivalists” by the Austin Chronicle because of their spacious studio, highly skilled instructors, and the numerous amounts of classes they offer each week!

I have always been a fan of Cirque du Soleil and immediately bought tickets (with my family of course) to the show “Kooza” while it was in town showing at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.  There was always something about their death defying stunts, contortions, and overall pure talent of the performers that kept me coming back and wanting more.

Once I found out there was a studio in Austin that not only offered classes in Aerial but Circus Arts, I jumped on it immediately.  Even though my body may not allow me to look as graceful as the women and men in the shows, I was still able to perform the basic movements the instructor took me though and (in my opinion) got some sweet pics out of it.


The Intro to Aerial class is HIGHLY recommended for those who have never been on an Aerial apparatus before.  Not only is it recommended, but it is required if you want to move on to other higher level classes that the studio offers.  Plus, the amazing thing about this class is that you get to try out all 4 of the Aerial apparatus’ that include the Lyra, Hammock, Silk, & Trapeze!  It makes me giddy just thinking about it!

I’m still on my Sky Candy high and will be booking my next class with them ASAP!

Sky Candy spinsyddy

Main – 507 Calles Street #117, Austin, TX 78702
Second – 2400 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78702

About: Founded in 2010 by a group of passionate Aerialists, Sky Candy is one of the best places to learn and improve your Aerial and Circus Performance skills!

Tip: They provide chalk for your hands to use on the Lyra and Trapeze b/c they can get cut up if you’re on there for long enough… so use it!

Cost: Pricing ; ClassPass Accepted!