Spark Fitness – Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps at Spark Fitness(Studio has Closed) Spark Fitness is a gym located in Downtown Austin on Sandra Muraida Way right by Town Lake.  They offer a variety of classes as well as have their own gym area for you to workout in.

I signed up for a workout called Kangoo Jumps, and going into it all I knew was that you got to use these sweet boots, and apparently bounce around in them.  I’ll be very honest, I didn’t expect much and just wanted to do it because I thought it would be really fun (and funny) to see myself in these alien boots.  What I didn’t expect was a heart pumping, cardio challenging workout!

IMG_7064Putting on the Kangoo boots at first felt really awkward.  I thought that I felt and looked like a baby dinosaur trying to walk for the first time.  But once I got the feel of them and walked/jogged around in them for a bit I began to get the hang of it.  They are like walking around on your own personalized trampoline, which is pretty cool.  And since they do have some spring to them, this workout is easy on your knees and joints!

Kangoo Jumps - spinsyddy
Kangoo Jumps Boots

The class was mostly indoors in a studio, but we began outside running/jogging with them to get our legs used to this foreign movement.  Once inside, the real fun began.  We did a variety of different jumps and swings and standing on one leg that I could not describe to you without making this post EXTREMELY long so you’ll just have to go try the class out and see for yourself.  The class was interval based and you would complete and exercise for 30-50 seconds and then take a 10-20 second break.  For the most part you were always moving and jumping and, although challenging, I never fell down once (and neither did anyone else), so don’t fear the boot!

It was seriously such a fun workout and would be awesome to go to with a friend or two!  I mean, why not, it’s always fun to switch things up; and if you can laugh and have a good time while doing it, then I say go for it!

Plus, the instructor made everyone feel so comfortable and her music was energetic and upbeat to keep you in the mood to JUMP!

How could you not want to try this class?  And if you do end up going to it, I would love to hear your feedback!

Spark Fitness
Downtown: 111 Sandra Muraida Way, #100, Austin, TX 78703

ABOUT: Spark Fitness Club is a results-driven facility, with the goal to do more for their members. They want to help you reach your fitness goals, as well as, improve your quality of life.

TIP: Spark Fitness Club even has its very own bar. Open to the public, Black Dog Bar offers fresh, made-to-order smoothies, cocktails and coffee drinks. Grab a quick snack or smoothie before or after your workout or enjoy our outdoor patio overlooking Lady Bird Lake.