Tetra Fitness – Total Body Cycle

Early bird catches the worm, or so they say!  Woke up for a 5:45am spin class at Tetra Fitness, located off of 6th street right next to Cover 3.

Tetra Fitness Cycle

It’s a relatively small gym that offers cycling, boot camps, circuits training, weights, as well as, personal training!  The class I took today was called “Total Body Cycle,” which is a 50 minute class that incorporates resistance filled hill climbs, sprints, and hand weights.

Tetra Fitness Austin
To be honest, I had been to a class here before with a different instructor and was a little disappointed.  For that class, I had to wake up at 5am just to get to the class on time, since I live in Cedar Park. And throughout the ENTIRE class their phone would not stop going off.  It was connected to the speakers so during the middle of a set it the music would shut off and it got really annoying really quickly.

This morning, I decided to give the class another chance but with a different instructor.  It started off a little slow for me, but once the instructor got going it was a much better experience.  They incorporated hill climbs with high resistance to challenge our muscular endurance as well as speed intervals to get that extra cardio burn in.  At the start of class I really didn’t think this was going to be a GREAT workout, but by the end I was pleasantly surprised and dripping with sweat.  As the music played on, the class got more and more challenging and more towards speed at a medium resistance which is my favorite!

For those of you who have never been to a spin class or want to start incorporating them into your routine, I would recommend starting here.  They aren’t as intense as a studio that dedicates their classes to spinning and they don’t require clip-in cycle shoes (AKA you can wear normal tennis shoes and without having to rent a pair).  So if you don’t go often, you won’t need to spend the money to buy a pair of cycle shoes.  And you can go on a whim if you feel like getting a good cardio session in.

I really do like Tetra Fitness and the classes they offer, but since I cycle so much, I like to be challenged.  It all depends on the instructor you choose and how physically fit you are.  It’s hard to please every single person because let’s face it, we are all different and have different goals.  But I would go back and try out new instructors to see which ones I liked the best and which ones challenged me the most!  I can’t wait to try some of their other classes like boot camp and a cycle+run to test myself and get different forms of training in.

Also, as I mentioned before, since they are not a cycle studio they DO NOT rent out cycle shoes to you.  You would either need to bring your own pair or just wear normal Nike’s or whatever regular tennis shoes you have.  They do however offer lockers (with and without locks).  They also offer free towels both large and small for you to use during your workout and after, if you want to shower and change in the locker room.

Lastly, the first time I went here, it was a bit difficult to find through my GPS so I’m going to try to give you some directions on how to get here.  They are located on 6th right off the highway, so if you’re coming from Mopac, you take the 5th street exit and take the first left at the street where El Arroyo is located.  Then take another left at the light on 6th, and you will see Cover 3 (a restaurant).  Take yet another left like you’re going to Cover 3, but then a quick right onto a one way road that has a sign that says “parking garage” and just go down a couple of buildings until you see Tetra on the left.  Sounds confusing right, now I know, but once you find it the first time, it’s not hard to find again.  I hope that helps for those of you wanting to try them out!

If you have been to Tetra or have any questions regarding the workout feel free to contact me!  I love hearing feedback and answering any questions y’all have 🙂

Tetra Fitness: http://www.tetrafitness.com

Location: 1717 West 6th St., Bldg. 2, Suite 110R, Austin TX 78703

Cost: $20 class; 10 class purchase or monthly memberships available (more pricing); ClassPass Accepted!

Limited Time Only – Groupon: 2 weeks of unlimited classes only $29.

About: Revolutionizing the fitness industry with our CRAZY Hard + CRAZY Fun Workouts, Tetra Fitness is a locally owned gym that puts a strong emphasis on group fitness.

Tip:  Individuals will be encouraged to help motivate each other to work out more often and workout harder, given the studio is focused on group fitness! Individuals who work out with others tend to achieve greater levels of fitness than those who try to go it alone.