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The Texas Fit Chicks, an organization of Certified Personal Trainers, started in 2009. They cater strictly to women all over the great state of Texas.  They offer 1 hour camps that incorporate cardio and strength into every workout.  They also have locations all over Texas! For more locations, visit their website.

A regular bootcamp is a 4 week program that you can start on any Monday. The camp meets 3 days a week and accounts for ALL fitness levels.  No matter if you are a gym rat or have never worked out before, these chicks are there to take care of everyone’s individual fitness needs.  On top of meeting for a workout 3 times a week and the love and support of the trainers and other boot campers, when you get your 4 week plan, you also get a free meal plan to keep you on track and really maximize your results.

What I attended was one of their FREE bootcamps that they host once a month.  This was my first time attending, and it was packed!  There were close to 60+ empowering women there of all fitness levels ready to get to know one another and sweat it out.  The bootcamp was filled with all different types of workouts such as boxing, abs, sprint drills, toning, and so much more!  The trainers were all so welcoming and really made you feel like part of their family.  Along with the trainers being so kind, the women there were all really sweet! Everyone was cheering one another on and just laughing and having a great time.  Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next bootcamp!

The good thing is that you don’t have to wait for the next free bootcamp, because every lady’s first class at any one of their many locations is free! So you can get a small taste of what these ladies are all about and the support you feel.  They are extremely passionate about what they do and want everyone that comes through their doors to succeed and achieve their own personal goals.

There is so much I could say about Texas Fit Chicks but its way to much to put into one little article, so please go visit their site! I’ll even make it easy for you so CLICK HERE to get right to their front page.

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Texas Fit Chicks – fitchicktraining.com

Locations: All over town!

COST: $15 class; $79 month; more pricing(special deal-limited time)

Texas Fit Chicks – fitchicktraining.com

ABOUT: All women should have affordable access to personal trainers! Meeting with a trainer 3 times a week at a traditional gym would cost hundreds, and after just a few months, thousands. Their program is extremely affordable, and they offer 5 different options, depending on your personal fitness goals.

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