Texas Fit Chicks Cedar ParkTexas Fit Chicks have been popping up all over Austin and its surrounding cities.  They hold boot camps in 4 week sessions, 3 days a week at various locations.  The one I attended was in Cedar Park, and it was at 5:30am.  I know what you’re thinking… That’s so dang early!  To most it is, and even to me, I wouldn’t say I am a morning person, but I love getting a workout done and get myself ready for the rest of the day!  But don’t be alarmed, if you really are not feeling an early morning workout or don’t have time, they offer afternoon/evening workouts as well depending on the location you go to.

What I like so much about Texas Fit Chicks is that they all treat you like family.  When I attended their free boot camp a while back, everyone was so nice and made you feel super comfortable.  Well that attitude transferred over to the CP location when I went to this morning workout.  Not only was the trainer super nice and fun, but the other ladies in the class were extremely welcoming as well!

This workout was based around a stability ball, which was used for various exercises.  We did some cardio and strength intervals and incorporated the stability ball into almost every single move we did!  The stability ball is a great tool, you are able to amp up so many exercises and work more muscle groups!  It helps to stabilize your core while performing an exercise and in turn helps you gain strength and stability.

By the end of the workout we were all sweaty and tired (which is a great thing) and glad we made it to the early morning class.  I always try to remind myself that I never regret the workouts I go to, only the ones I didn’t go to.  So no matter what, you should always strive to get that workout in!  You CAN do it, and you’ll be glad you did. Along with a great workout we had some great conversations and laughs as well!

If you want to know more about Texas Fit Chicks and what they’re all about, you can go take a look at my boot camp review or go to their website!

The ladies that run the camps are amazing and inspiring and all put their own little personal twist into each workout.  Not only do they make you feel welcomed, but they attend to everyone’s individual goals and keep you accountable so you stay on the right path.

Texas Fit Chicks – http://www.fitchicktraining.com

Location: Various locations all over Austin and surrounding areas, check website for a camp close to you!

Cost: $15 drop in rate; monthly memberships; ClassPass accepted!


About: TFC is more than just a workout, the trainers help to create a supportive and welcoming community that makes you feel comfortable no matter what fitness level you are at.

Tip: Make sure to bring your own yoga mat to the workout, and they might require you to have your own set of hand weights.  If its your first time, they will have exercise equipment for you!  Just make sure to let them know 🙂