Barre MethodIt’s Thursday and do you know what that means? Happy Hour at the barre!  I’m taking y’all to The Bar Method located on W. 5th street in Downtown Austin.  The studio itself has two ballet style rooms filled with floor to wall mirrors, ballet bars on all sides, and a padded floor as well to prevent injury and is soft on joints.

The Bar Method
Beautiful Instructor Julie & I

The focus here is barre (of course), but the way they differ from the rest, is that they have extremely knowledgable instructors.  Each instructor goes though testing every year to make sure they are up to date with the latest and best techniques and are also able to correct/mentor you to perfect form (which not only helps you to work the right muscle groups, but prevents injury).  So going into a class, you never have to worry about if the instructor is good or wonder if they know what they are doing.  Along with learning the latest techniques about barre, they are taught and tested about the anatomy of the moves, why you are doing them, and what muscle(s) each move is associated with.  The instructors apply their knowledge to every class they teach by being very hands on with their students and moving you into the correct position to help get the most out of every exercise.

Each workout is geared to work every muscle in your body, even the ones you didn’t even know existed.  You incorporate small hand weights, a barre ball that you use to squeeze between your thighs, and cushioned mats of different sizes that are specialized for multiple uses both standing and on the floor.

The Bar Method AustinI want to point out that if you are not feeling an exercise in the muscle group that your instructor has pointed out, ASK FOR HELP!  They are more than happy to help you get in the right position, and although they are hands on and do come by and tweak your movements on their own, they might not catch EVERYTHING so you still have to communicate.

Another way that this studio stands out from the rest, is that they partner with physical therapists to ensure that every move you make is therapeutic to you body and doesn’t injure you.  By doing this, you really do get the most out of every workout you have with them and never have to worry about leaving with sore joints.  Each workout is geared to get harder, and you are always challenged no matter how many times you go.

Honestly the thing I love most about them is how they only hire the best people who want to be there to help you reach your fitness goals. There are so many great things I could say about The Bar Method but I want to try and keep it a post and not a novel.

The Bar Method Austin –

Downtown: 1611 W 5th St, #125, Austin, TX 78703

COST: $27 session; ClassPass Accepted.


ABOUT: The Bar Method offers a full body workout that creates lean, long and sculpted muscles. It is a challenging and non-impact workout.  You will be amazed by your toned body, improved posture and overall well-being.

TIP: Their students overwhelmingly testify that the workout stays challenging and grows on them with time.