Titan Evolution spinsyddyReady to get down and sweaty?  Austin Titan Evolution is located off of 5th and Pressler and offers a full body blasting workout to push your muscles to the limit.  Side note, they’re also right across from TNT (Tacos n’ Tequila) so after your workout you can go treat yo’ self to some delicious food and drinks!  Okay, back to business. Titan offers 6 classes a day and one ultra mega workout on Saturday to make sure anyone and everyone can get in a workout no matter what their schedule.  The Titan method focuses on a different form/method each week consisting of Strength, Speed, Barbell Complexes, and Work Capacity.  Each class is tailored to meet each members abilities and challenge them to push past limits and build strong, fit bodies and minds!

Austin Titan Evolution

Now, I’m not usually one to do a lot of weight based exercises, but I just had to see what Titan was all about after hearing about them from friends.  My workouts usually consist of cardio and body weight exercises for strength.  This workout challenged me in a completely different way and I absolutely loved it!  I think that getting some weight/strength exercises in along with regular cardiovascular training is very important in building a lean, toned, and strong body.  With only doing cardio, people forget that it’s actually harder and even a slower process to lose weight or get the body you desire.  By adding weights and plyometric training into your regimen you will find muscles that you didn’t even know existed!  And you don’t have to lift your body weight in squats or any exercise in order to see a difference.  Personally I don’t usually lift much more than 20 lbs.

This class was definitely the exception though.  We did a barbell workout that included deadlifts, sandbag runs, sprint runs, and abs.  The workout looked a little something like this:

Titan Evolution Austin

We continued this round for about 30 minutes or so, and that sounds like a lot, but there was time to chat with the other members as well as the trainer.  Next, we went out to the street to do some sprint runs and then back inside to finish up the whole workout with a quick ab circuit!

Yes, it was VERY challenging, especially for little ol’ me who doesn’t lift weights often.  But I had a great time, and it was an awesome workout!  I love challenging myself and putting myself in situations that maybe I’m not comfortable in or that I know are going to benefit me.  Titan definitely hit the mark because it’s been about 3 days and my traps are STILL sore! Thanks guys.  I know that means I’m only getting stronger 😉

Never be afraid of a challenge!  You need to face it head on and just go for it, because you never know what could happen.  Titan Evolution is a fun and athletic environment filled with awesome people and trainers that make you feel right at home.  GO TRY THEM OUT! No pressure.

Austin Titan Evolution – austintitanevolution.com

Location: 315 Pressler St, Austin, TX 78703

Cost: Free week trial! $99/month unlimited visits; ClassPass Accepted!


About: Titan prides themselves on challenging their members to work harder than they would work either on their own or at another gym.  Each class is also tailored to meet every members individual needs.

Tips: Bring a sweat towel, water bottle, and get ready to push yourself!