Title Boxing Club spinsyddyTaking it to the ring to get my butt kicked by none other than Title Boxing Club.  With locations in North Austin and Round Rock (as well as others all over Texas and the US), it’s easy to find one of their gyms near you!  They offer boxing, kickboxing, power hour and personal training; all of which are led by professional boxers.

Title Boxing Club North Austin

The gym itself consists of a boxing ring, gym equipment and about 60 heavy bags!  Since they have so many heavy bags, everyone is able to have their own which they can beat the crap out of for the hour-long workouts.

The class I tried out was called “Power Hour” and is said to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour-long class!  Wowzers!  I don’t know how many calories I burned exactly, but I can tell you that I was dripping sweat and my whole body was shaking by the end.  Although each class is completely different, they follow a specific guideline to achieve these calorie burning results.

Title Boxing Club

Even during the first 15 minutes of the class, I was sweating hard-core!  My favorite part of course, were the 3 minute boxing rounds.  The trainer called out different punching combinations that you would do on your own repeatedly for 3 minutes.

I had a GREAT first experience at Title Boxing Club, the staff was so easy to talk to and friendly and the workout was killer!  I cannot wait to go back again (and again) and continue to up my boxing game.

If you haven’t already tried them out, I would absolutely suggest that you get your butt in their ASAP!  You won’t be disappointed and who doesn’t like to let loose and blow off some steam every once in a while.

Title Boxing Club – http://titleboxingclub.com

North Austin: 13945 US-183 #3, Austin, TX 78717
Round Rock: 1401 S Interstate 35 #120, Round Rock, TX 78664

Cost: First Class is free!  ClassPass Accepted!


About: Title Boxing club was founded in 2008 by a retired professional boxer and offers classes such as boxing, kickboxing, power hour, and personal training!

Tip: Hand wraps are not free nor do they have any for you to use (even for your first time).  You will need to buy some of your own which you can purchase in their gym and are $6.  Also, bring a towel and water because you will sweat A LOT!