V Bodies Austin spinsyddyV Bodies Group Fitness Studio is a new Pilates/weight lifting/running studio located in Austin, TX.  Matthew, the owner, recently opened up his doors to the public.  He started his own business because of his passion for fitness and his passion to heal injuries!  Not only do his classes build strength, help you lose weight, and tighten, they are also promote healing.  This is because of the Powerformer, which is Matthew’s own design!

V Bodies Group Fitness Studio

What is V Bodies?  Well for starters, the V stands for “Victory” and the owner of this new Austin studio created his own Pilates machine called the Powerformer!  The Powerformer is a machine that takes two different exercise platforms, weight lifting and Pilates, and combines them into one sleek machine.

What are the benefits of the Powerformer? Since Matthew, the owner and head instructor, has dabbled in practically every sports/workout background either with clients or his own, he has taken the benefits of both Pilates and Weight lifting and has turned it into one 50 minute class!  The Pilates reformer machine and the classes associated with them are known to lengthen and strengthen your entire body.  This is done by stretching the muscle every time it is being used so you never bulk up but tone as well as getting into those deep muscle fibers to create definition and strength in desired areas.  Weight lifting on the other hand, helps build muscle to create the fit bodies that most everyone tries to obtain.  By combining both weight lifting and Pilates, the Powerformer takes Pilates to the next level by using added resistance and building strength.  Matthew is able to apply his knowledge and skills to ultimately transform your body!

V Bodies Austin

What else does V Bodies offer?  Other than giving killer Powerformer workouts that leave me feeling rejuvenated (and sore).  They also offer classes called Barre ‘Round the Lake and Double Distance.’

When you go into V bodies, their goal is not to crush your body and leave you sitting out for days to recover.  Although the workouts are tough and completely different from anything I’ve done, I never leave feeling totally exhausted (which is good).  Matthew’s goal is to provide you with the most efficient and effective training.  He  accomplishes that with his method of teaching.  Every movement in the Powerformer class is very precise, so if you have improper hip alignment or pain in your back, he is able to correct it  with a hands on approach.  Just by moving your hips an inch in a certain direction or by pushing down on your shoulders to relax them while performing an exercise, he is able to help you model the body you want while keeping your joints healthy and your body performing at 100%.

V Bodies Austin TX

For instance, I apparently have a hip alignment problem that I didn’t know about!  Just by going to one class with Matthew he was able to pick it out and keep an eye on me/correct me to make sure I was performing an exercise properly and correct the problem.  My left hip sits a bit lower than my right, so my right hip compensates for that weakness.  I absolutely love the hands on approach to his method because it shows me that he really cares about each of his clients and  that overall he just knows what he’s doing.

There is so much more I could talk about with V bodies but I think the best thing you can do is to try it out for yourself!    V Bodies really cares about your individual body and goals, and its members get special attention and progress tracking during all workouts.  Matthew is so passionate about what he does and about fitness in general, and it shows in the workouts.  He just opened up a few months ago so go show the V Bodies studio some love and book your next class with them!

V Bodies Group Fitness Studio – vbodiesfitness.com

Mueller: 4600 Mueller Blvd #1005, Austin, TX 78723

Cost: Powerformer class $24/class; Barre ‘Round the Lake $36/class; Double Distance $14/class; ClassPass Accepted!


About: V Bodies is a brand-new boutique studio in Austin’s Mueller District.   They use a machine called the Powerformer, which was created by the owner Matthew Ryan himself and is a combination of Pilates Reformer and Weight Lifting.  His method helps clients build the bodies they want while also preventing injuries. Matthew leads all group workouts and can help you get very strong with harmony and precision. They call it ‘Total-body workouts with a therapeutic touch.’ Even if you have pain or are imbalanced, you will still get a safe, sweaty, muscle-pump experience! Come try something totally new, relaxed, and have some fun with Matthew!

Tip: You don’t need any fitness background to attend one of his classes!  He wants everyone to experience his method of training and how it’s ideal for anyone looking to better their fitness overall.  Working on the Powerformer will improve core strength and body control, reduce pain and injury, and get you long and lean.

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