Where: Wanderlust Yoga

Type of Workout: Vinyasa (warmed) 75 minute Yoga class

What to Wear: 
Girls – tight pants/shorts/leggings, close-fitting shirt that won’t fall when bending over
Guys – shorts/pants easy to move in, somewhat fitted shirt (or shirtless)

What to Bring: Yoga mat, water bottle, towel (mats & towels available for rent)

Amenities: Locker rooms for both men and women that include showers, towels, and lockers (with locks).  They also have a water fountain and fill nation.

Instructor: Kate Waitzkin

Wanderlust Yoga


Wanderlust Yoga is all my friends talk about… so I was extremely excited when I found out they were on ClassPass!  Vinyasa is one of my favorite forms of yoga because of the fast pace and flow of the class.  Not only do you stretch and relax your muscles but you’re actually getting in a great deal of cardio because of the constant movement!

Wanderlust Yoga Austin


The best part? They share a space with Blenders and Bowls!  So when you finish your practice, you can go refuel the body and keep the positive vibes going with a killer smoothie bowl 🙂  Wanderlust even gives you the option to pre-order your bowl so by the time you get out of class they will have it ready for you to just grab and go!

Blenders and Bowls

Although blenders has some pretty impressive smoothie and bowl options (until they run out of ingredients), I’m not nearly as impressed with their staff.  When I walked in they just didn’t seem to friendly and even a little stand off-ish.  I think customer service and being nice to people who walk through the door plays a huge role in my decision making when picking a place to eat, workout, or just hangout.

Wanderlust Yoga spinsyddy


Our instructor was well spoken, hands on, and overall was just fabulous.  It is everything that I expect from a yoga class.  Instead of telling you how to move, she showed you how and helped guide you through the movement.

Next time you want to try out a yoga studio, I would absolutely recommend going to Wanderlust.  Even though the Blenders side of it was sub-par, the Wanderlust portion of my day was fulfilled!  The class had me feeling so rejuvenated and at ease.

Wanderlust Yoga austin.wanderlustyoga.com

Location:  206 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Cost: $19 drop in rate; offer 5 and 10 packs as well as 1 week unlimited and monthly unlimited rates! Details on pricing here.  ClassPass Accepted!

Special: They offer 30 days for $35 for Austin residents and students!  Check out my Sweat Deals page for more info!

About: Yoga studio that offers all types of practices including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, and many more!  Offer heated and non-heated classes that range anywhere from 1 hour to 75 minutes.

Tip: Arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in, get situated, and time before class to gather the needed equipment (provided by studio).

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