Upper & Core Workout

Sydney Torabi Upper Workout

After going LIVE on my Instagram for the past few weeks, decided to post all my follow along workouts to YouTube so y’all can go back and enjoy! The Workout: 40S ON/20S OFF Each Exercise4X Each ExerciseComplete 2 Rounds TotalResting 30-60S between Rounds 1: Commando + Hinge 2: Shoulder to Knee Tap 3: Prone to […]

15 Minute Total Body Ladder Workout

15 Minute Workout

For those days that you really don’t feel like being in the gym OR you’re crunched for time, you’re welcome. Every so often I’ll bring back the “Total Body Ladder Workout” to my routine. It’s easy to follow, quick to complete, and I can change-up the moves however I’m feeling that day which makes me […]

Booty Building Workout & Lower Body Strength

I have SUPER stubborn glutes and hamstrings, so being able to add in a “booty band” to my lower body workout is KEY! This Booty Building Workout & Lower Body Strength is a great way to really target those major muscle groups and get toned legs! THE WORKOUT: SET 1: 8 REPS RT/8 REPS LEFT […]

Full Body Endurance & Strength Workout with Dr. Brittaney Cook

FULL BODY ENDURANCE + STRENGTH WORKOUT Lead by Dr. Brittaney Cook who is the Owner of Athletic Outcomes, Dr. of Chiropractic, Nutrition Coach, and overall badass! THE SET: 5 MOVES 60 SEC EACH MOVE BACK TO BACK rest (30-60 SEC) 45 SEC EACH MOVE BACK TO BACK rest 30 SEC EACH MOVE BACK TO BACK […]

Upper Body Strength Workout

Here it is party people! This is a quick, strength focused Upper Body Workout for y’all to enjoy. The moves are simple but NOT easy, so don’t get confused. I loved completing this with a 20 minute HIIT session on the bike before hand. Workout Details: Complete each exercise back to back with little rest […]